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Welcome To Harding Holistics.

We help create strong families by helping you find success in living a healthy life.  I am Dr. John Paciorek.  Together with my wife Dr. Shanna we have created Harding Holisitcs. 

We are high performance functional chiropractors.  We have 4 children, we homeschool, CrossFit, cook, play, work, read, and grow together.  We know the struggles with clean eating, exercise, sleep, family time, work and school obligations, and life in general. 

However, we thrive and want you to function at your highest potential.

What We Do

In practice we blend chiropractic with functional medicine. Using various diagnostic testing, orthopedic testing, and laboratory testing, and listening to your health history and goals, we are able to come up with a plan to help.

Standard Process and Mediherb provide the backbone to much of what we are able to accomplish.  These organic whole food products provide the building blocks for repair and are excellent support for your body.

A Message From Dr. John

If you are new, Welcome!

If you already use Standard Process or Mediherb, I hope we can improve your knowledge to help you and your family.

We love holistic health care and believe there is something for everyone - whether you want to jump right in or test the waters.

Please use this website to your advantage.  If you have questions about a product please contact us.  We want you to reach your highest potential! Below, I have included a list of recommended products we use everyday. 

To your health,
Dr. John Paciorek

Dr. John & Dr. Shanna's Recommended Holistic Products

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