All Your FAQ's - Answered Here!

Ask Dr. John Paciorek your Holistic Health & supplement questions:

Are there natural alternatives to Antacids?
Yes. Check out Zypan, Betaine HCL, Multizyme, Gastrex, AF Betafood, Digest forte.

Are there natural "anti-inflammatories?"
Yes.  Check out Turmeric forte, Saligesic, Tuna Omega 3 Oil, Boswellia complex, Cataplex ACP.

Is there something I can take to help support healthy blood pressure?
Yes. Try Cario-Plus, Cataplex B2, Cataplex B-Core, Livaplex, Min-Chex, Hawthorne, Garlic.

Is there a natural way to support cholesterol?
Yes. Try the 21-Day purification program, Choline, Livaplex, Livton, Cyruta, Cholaplex.

What can I take instead of laxatives?
Try Fen-cho, Colax, Lactic acid yeast, Magnesium lactate.

I am worried about my blood sugar, what are some products to support my blood sugar?
Diaplex, Cataplex GTF, 21-Day purification program. 

What do you recommend for immune system support?
Immuplex, Echinachea, Congaplex, Andrographis complex, Cataplex C, Cataplex, F, Calcium lactate.

Is there anything I can give my dog?
Yes. Standard Process has a Canine line of products (33 of them).

Is there anything I can give my cat?
Yes. Standard Process has a Feline line of products (28 of them). 

How do I get my kids to take Standard Process?  Start with chewables - Catalyn chewable, Children's immune support, Tuna Omega 3 chewable.

What do you recommend for brain support?
Neurotrophin PMG, Tuna Omega-3 Oil, Cataplex B2, RNA, Turmeric forte.

Is there something to help with low energy?
Yes. Try Adrenal desiccated, Drenamin, Ashwagandha complex, Cataplex B-core, Cardio-Plus.

What can I do to help support my sleep?
Min-Tran, EZ Mag, Orchex, Kava Forte, Diaplex, No carbs 2 hours before bed - eat protein.  

I have never taken Standard Process before, where should I start?
A great start is Catalyn, Symplex F(female) or M(male), and Tuna Omega-3 Oil.

I have dietary restrictions.
From vegan to Gluten-free supplements, there are products that support the needs of dietary restrictions.  Bottles will be labeled, for example GF = gluten free.

Why are honey, arabic gum, cellulose, and calcium stearate added to products?
Honey and arabic gum are used in the tablet manufacturing process. Cellulose is often used to give body to the powders. Calcium stearate, derived from vegetable sources, is used as a lubricant to help products release from the tooling of the tablet and capsuling machines. No artificial flavoring is ever used.

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